Marbella Yacht Charter

If you are looking for a Yacht Charter in Marbella you are in good hands with Marbella Boat Charter that is the longest stablished and very experienced yacht charter company in Marbella and Puerto Banús.

We have a wide variety of luxury yachts, sailboats and boats with which we can offer multiple activities for the client to choose the one they like best or combine them with each other as they prefer.

When a client contacts us, they have the support of a team of experienced sailors who are committed to their clients needs so that they enjoy the best possible experience on their Marbella Yacht Charter.

Always with a personal and direct treatment, knowing the environment and the navigation area, thus being able to better explain to the client the different options of both Yacht Charter Marbella and activities.


Today there are many companies that sell yacht charter in Marbella, but we are the only ones that can offer fifteen years of real experience, knowledge of the coast, experience as sailors and personalized attention from start to finish.



Good Quality Boats

Qualified Crew

Other companies – which are intermediaries – with their reservation give the client a ticket for their reservation with an address, leaving the rest of the work in other hands, the client must find his boat and trust that everything goes well.

At we have a firm commitment to our clients since their first contact, we make sure that the reservation process is easy and pleasant, offering the client a quick response with all the information so that they can choose what suits them best and please.

In addition to facilitating the payment of the reservation by various means – Online, card, bank transfer at the customer’s convenience and 100% secure.

Marbella Yacht Charter Personalized Service

So with Marbella Boat Charter all our clients enjoy a personalized service since they contact us to rent a yacht in Marbella or Puerto Banus: Quick response, ease of booking.

We provide a meeting point where a Marbella Boat Charter representative will be waiting to guide you to your boat and introduce you to the crew.

We guarantee the yacht you book is the yacht you see on our website.

We will personally plan with the client their navigation plan informing them of the different possibilities so that you can enjoy your Yacht charter on the coast of Marbella as much as possible.

We also ensure that all of our boats and yachts are in top condition, with continuous maintenance and inspection.

When it comes to sailing, you have to look at the sky and the sea, because meteorology is very important when planning any navigation and especially when it comes to having a good time sailing.

Marbella Boat Charter pays special attention to the weather conditions. We contact the client when the weather forecast is not good to enjoy a good day or to advise the best options with the existing conditions so that everything goes well and take advantage of the best of each moment. If the conditions are not good, the client can choose between transferring his Yacht charter to another day when the conditions are good or the full refund of the payment they have made as a reservation deposit.

Once on board the important thing is to enjoy your time and navigation, at Marbella Boat Charter we know that you should not improvise when it comes to Yacht Charters so we take care that everything on board is in place and that the boats are well prepared before leaving with drinks, snacks, equipment and everything necessary so that customers do not have to worry about anything, that also implies having a good navigation plan tailored to the customers needs.


There are different options that can be combined so that navigation when making a yacht charter in Marbella is the most suitable to suit each one:

Always within the concept of pleasure sailing, enjoying the sea, the sun, the marine air that purifies our lungs, the tranquility, privacy and exclusivity of sailing on a luxury yacht, we could also add:

Main Activities Marbella Yacht Charter

Stops at beach clubs or restaurants: The Costa del Sol has a wide range of interesting and fun beach clubs: Nikki Beach, Puro Beach, Chambao Beach Club, Budha beach, etc. for those looking for fun. There is also a great offer of restaurants on the beach: Trocadero, Gigi´s Beach, Club de Mar, etc. a great offer to satisfy the most demanding and varied tastes
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