dolphin watching

Nothing makes a yacht trip as special as seeing dolphins in the wild. The area of the Mediterranean of the Costa del Sol is part of a migration route for these beautiful mammals and our yachts often encounter them as they cruise along the coastline of Marbella.

Of these beautiful marine creatures, the principal types that can often be seen are the common dolphin, Striped and Bottlenose. Sightings can´t obviously be guaranteed however is the water is calm and our clients eyes are sharp, the dolphins can be spotted approximately 65% of the time.

All our fleet of yachts can offer our clients the opportunity to go out in search of dolphins. Simply let us know in advance or advise the skipper on the day and we will organise the route accordingy. And keep your eyes focused and wide open!

Having an experience as unique and memorable as dolphin watching in Marbella is a chance you shouldn’t miss, whether you live in Marbella or the surrounding area or are here on holiday. So, we offer a wide variety of options to combine with this activity to have a peaceful day and enjoy a unique, unforgettable experience.